When Failure Is Not an Option: A Former SWAT Sniper’s Story | #motivation | Joe Rogan Experience

A former SWAT sniper recounts his most intense hostage situation. He describes the situation where a man had taken his daughter hostage using a knife and was using her as a human shield. The sniper had to aim his weapon past the man’s head to avoid hitting the hostage. He initially tried using his rifle but had to switch to another officer’s rifle because of the magnification, and he had to dim the red dot on the sight. He waited for the right moment and finally took the shot when the man moved his head back. The sniper emphasizes the importance of having a clear “why” for doing tactical training and of finding mentors who have blueprint instructions for solving problems.

Watch Clip on : https://youtu.be/2yI0OnBn2_I
Taken from JRE #1943 w/Joel Turner: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1YDa…







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