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THE GAME CHANGER – Best Motivational Speeches Compilation (Marcus A. Taylor FULL ALBUM 3 HOURS LONG)

THE GAME CHANGER! The Full 3 Hour Long Motivational Speech Album by Motiversity and Marcus Elevation Taylor is OUT NOW! Download it on all platforms:

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Thank you so much for your support over the past 2 years! We are honored by the incredible support we have received from each and every one of you since the release of our very first single together, The Game Changer. Since releasing the first video in 2020 our videos together have received millions views and we are blessed that they have reached and helped so many people. We read all the comments on our videos and the number of people leaving messages saying their lives have been changed and they will keep fighting another day, brings tears to our eyes. This is beyond what we could have ever imagined, and Marcus will keep speaking as long as people are listening and we are making a positive difference in the world. Thank you to each and every one of you and any support of this first album is truly a blessing. Keep going!
– Motiversity & Marcus Taylor

Marcus “Elevation” Taylor

Marcus is a sought after Transformational and Motivational speaker, pastor, film maker, singer and musician. He is also the CEO and creative director of Unlock Elevation, a forward-thinking transformational ecosystem that educates and empowers people from all over the world to unlock their future. Marcus is a lyrical architect on a mission to help millions build a bridge from dreams to reality through the gift and power of language.

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