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SEVERE – Motivational Speech Video | Gym Workout Motivation

Motivational Speech Video with English Subtitles. Gym Workout Motivation.

gym workout, gym exercise.

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“DON’T QUIT” Makes Motivational Speech Video With English Subtitles Which Help People To Grow in Their Lives.

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Spoken By – Terry Crews, Tiger Woods, TD Jakes, Eric Thomas, Cole DaSilva, Patrick Bet – David, David Goggins, Robin Sharma, Greg Plitt, Rich Wilkerson Jr., Les Brown, Andy Frisella, Jocko Willink, Sam Elliott, Stev Harvey, Chadd Wright, Tim Grover, Inky Johnson, Steven Furtick, Joey Diaz, Will Smith, Ed Mylett, Tom Bilyeu,Mel Robbins, Nathan Harmon, Chris Ross, Elliott Hulse, Owen Cook, John Maxwell.

Footage – Stock Footage Licence Through Creative Common “CC-BY” – No Copy Right Footage From Footage Websites – Pixabay, Pexels And Mixkit.

Music –

Secession Studios – of God’s And Men.
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Cezane Trailers – Oblivion

Position Music – Gravity
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Hans Zimmer – Man of Steel General Zod Arcade Suite ( Y.F.M. Orchestral Cover Hybrid )
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Audiomachine – Aramid
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2WEI – Kill The Crown.
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Rok Nardin –
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Zack Hamsey – Facing Demon.
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Pat Ensemble – Arcade.
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Mark Petrie – Richat.
( )

Ninja Tracks – Lost in Time.
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Really Slow Motion And Giant Apes.
( )

Nick Haley – Ezio’s Family ( Jesper Kyd Symphonic Metal Cover ) [ Edit ]
( )

8Dawn – This is Why I Was Born.
( )

Tommee Profit – In The End ( Linkin Park cover).
( )

Factor Eight – Life Is But A Dream.
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Tommee Profitt – In The End.
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Tom Player – Gravity.
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Hi – Finesse Music – Spectra – Helix ( Mix )
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