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I’ll do Whatever it Takes | study motivation from kdramas

study motivation from kdramas and cdramas for exam time
[ft. whatever it takes by imagine dragons]

You’ll wake up one day to realise that it was all worth it! Everyday that you decided to not give up and hang in there, has all paid off. Never doubt yourself and work to be at the place you always wanted to be. All your dreams will come true no matter whoever you have chosen to be. Never let yourself fall behind, because if you stop, you’ll live to regret seeing someone else catch in your place.

You’ve got all in you, fighting!!

00:00 I was born to run, born for this
01:37 Break me down & build me up
02:46 I’m ready for whatever it takes

edit by: @jeonlight
song name: Whatever it takes by Imagine dragons

– Cheer up
– Little women
– We all cry differently
– Golden spoon
– Don’t disturb my study (cdrama)
– Extraordinary attorney woo
– Heirs
– Again my life

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