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How to Lose Weight over the Holidays?

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We’ve almost arrived at the holiday season. We have plenty of opportunities to celebrate with friends and family, as well as a few strangers, from now until the New Year. How can you stay on track with your diet and avoid packing on the pounds during the holidays? Or even better, still shed excess weight?

According to certain reports, the average person adds 3-7 pounds. Another study found that people who were already overweight were more likely to acquire weight. Over the holidays, those people gained an average of 8 pounds. What’s more, what’s the worst part? Many people never lose the weight they gain, according to these research, which compounds over time.

What happens to your body when you’re on vacation? Do you find yourself gaining a few pounds over the holidays that you struggle to lose in the new year?
Would you like to prevent gaining weight while still being able to enjoy all of the wonderful holiday parties and gatherings? The good news is that you can have fun and consume delicious snacks without gaining weight.

The Problem of Weight Gain During the Holidays

The holiday season in the United States is extremely long. It all starts in October with Halloween (or even earlier for some religious organizations), when you can fill your house with enough candy to last a decade if you take your kids to the proper neighborhood.

Then there’s Thanksgiving. The daily calorie intake should be between 1800 and 2400 calories (depending on your height and weight). The average Thanksgiving meal contains approximately 3000 CALORIES. That’s only for the food. This does not include any appetizers or snacks consumed prior to the meal, which add another 1500 calories to the total. You can easily increase your daily caloric intake in just one meal. Thanksgiving meal is usually high in fat and sugar, which makes it difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

A whirlwind of Christmas parties, luncheons, company parties, family reunions, and holiday baking events follows the Thanksgiving holiday. There are numerous possibilities to overindulge.
Then there are the winter holiday meals: whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, or another festival, you’re bound to have at least one holiday feast with loved ones. In addition, these feasts have an average of 3000 calories every meal.
With all the great food, holiday baked goods, candy, and beverages, it’s no surprise that folks gain a few pounds! Unfortunately, many people give up and believe there is no way to get through the holidays without overeating and gaining weight.

But enough about how much weight you’re going to gain; now let’s talk about how to keep it off while still losing a few pounds.

How to Have Fun While Losing Weight During the Holidays

The good news is that you may still enjoy all of your favourite Christmas activities without having to buy bigger clothes in the new year. All you have to do is plan ahead and be wise about how you enjoy your parties and celebrations – as well as how you care for your health in between.

1. DON’T Skip Meals on Party Days:

Many people believe it is a good idea to skip meals before parties and feasts in order to compensate for the enormous dinner that will be served. Unfortunately, this makes you feel even more hungry and increases your chances of overeating. Eat healthful, well-balanced meals instead to keep your body satiated. This encourages you to consume smaller portions at your meal or celebration. Green smoothies, which are packed in fiber and minerals and leave you feeling full and content, are a terrific pre-party meal option.


2. Watch your portions:

You know there will be a lot of good food at the event. It’s also likely to be quite fatty and unhealthy. There is generally a limited range of healthy options at holiday events, but the food that is provided is delicious! You don’t have to refrain from trying these delectable delights. Enjoy a slice of homemade pie or a bite of that delectable cheese dip. Have fun with it! Simply practice portion control.

Take a bite out of a pie or dessert. Make a small plate for yourself with the delicacies you want to consume instead of standing over the Hors D’oeuvre and munching at random throughout the event. This way, you’ll be more aware of how much you’re eating. Instead of a full dish of each, try a few nibbles of the items you like. Enjoy them when you’re eating them by savoring them. This also aids in the reduction of excess.

3. Green Smoothie Meal Replacements:

After all of the holiday indulgences, let your body reset itself by eating healthy foods in between. To help your body flush away the excess fats, sugars, processed foods, and empty calories you consumed during the holidays, eat multiple servings of fruits and vegetables everyday. Green smoothies are a delicious way to obtain your daily portions of fruits and vegetables while also keeping you satiated. To counteract the effects of your holiday celebrations, drink a green smoothie at least once a day.

4. Be Active:

During the holidays, don’t let your exercise program fall by the wayside. Keep your usual routine to give your body a chance to work off some of the excess. If you have a lot of events coming up and chances to overindulge, you might want to set aside some extra time to assist your body manage.

5. Perform a Quick Detox in the Days Leading Up to the Holidays:

To help your body flush off the surplus, schedule a few detox days in between the festivities. Green smoothies, when made properly, make delightful and easy detox drinks that are fantastic for detoxifying the body of excess without leaving you tasteless. Detoxing the day or two after a holiday party might go a long way toward helping your body reset. It’s a fantastic opportunity to conduct a longer detox to detoxify your body and reset your diet to a healthier one once the festivities fade away in the new year. This is one of my favorite 3-Day Detox programs, and it’s just in time for the holidays.

Why wait until the New Year to start exercising and reducing weight? By then, you’ll have gained considerably more weight and faced a far greater challenge. I’m all about simplicity, especially when it comes to losing weight and improving your health.

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