How to actually ENJOY studying. | Motivation for Back to School!

What are 3 reasons you love learning?
Welcome to the final episode of Summer of Self with a back to school and back to university theme: Why you should love learning! I hope this gives you motivation to study or revise, to work hard and study for exams. It can be hard to find motivation to study hard for exams when you don’t enjoy the intrinsic process of studying — I hope this video inspires you to reflect on why learning is valuable to you!

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00:00 Intro to Summer of Self Series
00:54 The Two Types of Motivation
1:54 Why You’re Not Motivated: Potential Reasons
6:28 10 Reasons Why I Love Studying
10:18 Journal Prompts to Reflect on Why You Love Learning
11:41 I’m Moving to Berlin!

This video is not sponsored and all thoughts are my own.

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Casual Magic of the Day: I had a long lie in this morning and I love moments of being intentionally lazy. It’s so important to have a balance between working hard and genuine rest.
Song of the Day: Freedom for Change by El Dorado
What are YOU grateful for today?

How old are you? ~ 21
Where are you from? ~ The UK! Near London.
Where do you go to university? ~ Minerva Schools at KGI
One of the best decisions you ever made? ~ Taking a gap year!

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