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FromTextToSpeech not working? Try SPEECHELO

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FromTextToSpeech not working

FromTextToSpeech not working? Try SPEECHELO

Is Fromtexttospeech not working for you?  Are you searching for a Fromtexttospeech alternative in 2021? There are many TTS (Text to Speech) software out there. Some are good, others decent and some are bad.

Speechelo, which uses Artificial Intelligence, is the definitive alternative to the free FromTextToSpeech TTS conversion software. Speechelo includes “Inflection” to make the output audio more natural and human sounding and is definitely a huge deal for people looking to get TTS software. Speechelo also provides more human voices and more languages out-of-the-box than what FromTextToSpeech provides.

Table of Contents

What is TTS?

How popular is FromTextToSpeech?

About Speechelo

How Does Speechelo do what it does?

Speechelo Features

Speechelo Pros

Speechelo Cons

Speechelo Standard version versus Pro Version

Who is Speechelo For?

Speechelo Pricing

Conclusion: Speechelo Review

What is TTS?

Text-to-speech (TTS) is a type of assistive technology that reads digital text aloud. It’s sometimes called “read aloud” technology.(Reference:

The primary reason that people are searching for TTS software like fromtexttospeech is to marry the voiceover with video for a variety of purposes like digital marketing, content creation, podcasts, instructional video production or even as a hobby.

People are , right now, searching for TTS software of all types including, “Morgan Freeman Voice Generator”, believe it or not!!

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence into the mix has taken TTS to a different level. Now, TTS software are able to produce speech that is extremely close to human sounding speech.

Speechelo is one such TTS software that leverages Artificial Intelligence into its software. Speechelo is an alternative to fromtexttospeech.

Don’t get me wrong. FromTextToSpeech has it’s own strengths. For one, it is free and it does a decent job of translating text into speech. So if you are on a budget and you want to crank out audio files from pre-written text then it is useful.

The statistics also show that FromTextToSpeech is being used by a big audience for their TTS needs.

FromTextToSpeech averages around 35000 searches per month on google.


(Graphic courtesy :

FromTextToSpeech also supports only 8 languages including English. It would have been good if FromTextToSpeech had supported Hindi and/or Mandarin as these two languages are spoken by a large population of people in the two most populous countries in the world, namely, India and China.

As with any free software, there could be issues with the service when a huge number of users are trying to access the software at the same time. In fact, “FromTextToSpeech not working” is one of the top search terms associated with the FromTextToSpeech search term on Google. It had something to do with the domain name not being renewed on time as evident from the tweets from 2019 ( So you have to factor in service interruptions while working with free software.

Below is my review of the Speechelo TTS product where it talks about how the software is different and more importantly , more powerful than the basic FromTextToSpeech TTS software.

About Speechelo

Spoechelo is a unique first text-to-speech program that creates human like voices. Utilizing it, you can make wonderful voiceovers that sound like real people from the text you give in your recordings.

With Speechelo, any text can be changed over into a characteristic voiceover without any problem. It is feasible to pick either a male or a female voice when utilizing this product. Speechelo is extremely simple to utilize, very much like any other video-production tool.

There are in excess of thirty unique Human Voice styles accessible in 25 distinct dialects, which permits you to pick one that accommodates your taste.

The unique selling point of Speechelo is that it uses “Inflection” (Source: in its software to make the output more natural sounding.

How Does Speechelo do what it does?

It takes you only 3 steps to make an excellent Human voiceover for your site, YouTube channel and web-based media accounts.

Below are the steps that Speechelo uses to convert text to human like voices.

Step-1: Upload the text that you would want to convert into the internet browser.

Step-2: Using the standard version of Speechelo, you have 30 distinct voices to browse and choose from. Speechelo Pro includes 60 voices.

Step-3: In 10 seconds, your sound will be accessible for you to play. By utilizing the Upload choice on the right-hand side of the screen, you can get to your voiceover.

Speechelo Features

  1. Speechelo Standard version provides 30 voices both male and female, in 23 languages.
  2. You can paste up to 700 words at a time in the Standard version.
  3. Adds inflections to voices.
  4. You can set the tone of the voice.
  5. Works seamlessly with any video creation software.


Speechelo Pros

  1. Save a great deal of Time and Money. Assuming you need to make a video show, you can utilize Speechelo to assist you with doing the voice-over rapidly. It’s exceptionally tedious to record your own voice. In case you are bad in English and have emphasize, utilizing Speechelo can assist you with resolving the issue. You don’t need to utilize an expensive voice-over artist to do it for you. Therefore, you can save a considerable amount of cash.
  2. Speechelo is Affordable. Speechelo is a one-time investment. So, it saves you a lot of money when compared to having to hire a voice-over artist each time you need to produce content.
  3. Speechelo has some great features like the ability to add breathing sounds, longer pauses in the speech, adding emphasis to certain words etc. This is something that Fromtexttospeech does not provide.
  4. Speechelo has the ability to add inflections in the voice to make it more natural sounding.
  5. Voice Tones – You can add Serious or Joyful tones depending upon your requirement.
  6. Change Speed and Pitch – With Speechelo, you are in full control of your content and can tailor them to your requirements.
  7. Free Software Updates – Since this is a cloud-based AI solution, you would be getting instant upgrades every time a new software version is out.
  8. Apart from English, the following languages are supported. Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Welsh.


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Speechelo Cons

1. Not Real Human Voice

No software can produce 100% accurate human voice playback. But Speechelo produces speech as close to human voice as possible, better than other TTS software like Fromtexttospeech.

2. There is no Free Trial

Speechelo doesn’t offer a free trial like most other software in the market. However, they provide a full money back guarantee within 60 days of the purchase if you are not satisfied with the output.

3. Restricted Words For The Standard Version

The standard version has some restrictions that the pro version does not have like being able to input a maximum of only 700 words at a time.

4. Competition from voice-over artists and freelancers – This is something that every TTS software faces. However, the costs of recruiting a freelancer could be extremely high. Moreover, a lot of successful youtubers and content marketers are using TTS software with good results.

Speechelo Comparison with FromTextToSpeech Software

FromTextToSpeech Speechelo Standard Speechelo Pro
Free Paid Paid
No Download Required No Download Required No Download Required
50,000 words limit 700 words limit 2800 words
8 Languages 23 Languages 23 languages
5 Voices 30 voices 171 voices
Varying Speeds Varying Speeds Varying Speeds
No Inflection Inflections Inflections
No Background Music Background Music included Background Music included
Commercial Use Non-Commercial Use Commercial Use
No Voice Merge Voice Merge Facility Voice Merge Facility


Speechelo Standard versus Pro Version – Differences

  1. The Standard version provides 30 voices in 23 languages, while the Pro version provides more than 100 (171 to be exact) voices.
  2. Pro provides 2800 words as compared to 700 words at a time for Standard.
  3. With Pro you can create longer Voiceovers for Webinars, Podcasts etc.
  4. Pro provides 40 Background Music tracks, royalty free, to set the mood for your presentations.
  5. Pro provides Dialogue Type Voiceovers- You can merge voices in your videos providing you the luxury of using multiple voices in a single voiceover.
  6. Pro provides Campaign Support – You can create new campaigns for each project or for each client that you sign.
  7. Pro gives you a Commercial License – You can sell your voiceover commercially and keep all the profits. The Standard version provides only personal use license.
  8. With Pro, you get a Bonus eBook: Voiceover-CASH-Machine – Helps you find clients for your service.

Who is Speechelo For?

Here are individuals who will discover Speechelo extremely helpful:

Content Creators.

Online Marketers.

Video Marketers and Podcasters.

Business people and Agency Owners.

Online Media Marketers.


Speechelo Vs FromTextToSpeech pricing

FromTextToSpeech is a Fee service.

There is a standard version of Speechelo and a pro version.

Speechelo standard version costs $47 (one-time payment). The Speechelo Pro costs only $47 every three months.

The pro version can be upgraded only after you have purchased Speechelo Standard. After purchasing the standard plan, you will have the option to upgrade to the pro plan.

Speechelo Pro takes Speechelo to the next level, making it more powerful. The pro plan is ideal for those who are committed to growing their business.

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Conclusion: Speechelo is a credible FromTextToSpeech alternative

Speechelo is a powerful TTS software with advanced features and provides functionality that fromtexttospeech software does not provide. Fromtexttospeech TTS is no match for Speechelo taking into account all the bells and whistles that come along with the Speechelo software.

Affiliate Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links. I will get a small commission for purchases made through this page at no extra cost to you.

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