Even When Things Get Tough, Remember That GOD IS BY YOUR SIDE. Christian Inspirational Video

You can stop worrying no matter what the issues are; God is telling you to do so because he wants to take responsibility for your life: Christ is your life. He can make what has not been working to start working; just entrust it to him and be willing to follow his instructions; he will lead into glory. And his instructions may be radically different from what you know but trust him all the way. Be willing to spend a lot of time waiting on God before embarking on a major project or investment.
God is not affected by changing situations; he never changes but is ever relevant. When you trust him in your business, for instance, you will always make profits because he will guide you continually. Think of the man Peter the fisherman, when he recognized Jesus walking on the water towards them, he said, ” if you are the one, command me to come to you”. This was how Peter also walked on water: he trusted his master.

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